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A song per movie: Nagada Sang Dhol (Ram Leela)


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Since my early teens I’ve always had a fascination towards the Rajasthani culture. The arid, dry landscape, punctuated with forts and palaces, stories of kingdoms and wars, always made it one of the most intriguing places in India for me.

The traditional ensembles of the state, too, are equally fascinating. The women wear heavy silver oxidized jewellery, and lovely, elaborate ghaghra cholis, the vibrant hues of which stand out in stark contrast against the dry, plain backdrop.

I was in Jaipur a couple of years back, and picked up this bright pink skirt while scouting the local handicraft and handloom market. I’ve teamed it up with a top from H&M here, and accessorized the look with a delicate version of the oxidized silver ornaments, to tone it down a little and create a more fun, wearable look.

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CL on Harper’s Bazaar Magazine Official Photos (October 2014)

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